Marmox Australia

Marmox Shower Tray System

Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Shower Tray Underlay

Marmox extruded polystyrene shower trays are pre-graded to the waste outlet, making shower construction quick and easy and are designed for installation onto any type of structural flooring.

Marmox Shower Trays are available in a variety of sizes which are suitable for almost any type of shower and may be extended or trimmed to fit the specific requirements of your job. Marmox Shower Trays are light weight and allow for easy one person installation.

Unlike many other shower tray brands, the Marmox Shower Tray System is robust enough to allow mosaic tiles as small as 50mm to be laid on it without the risk of compression through point loading.

Once installed, an approved liquid or sheet waterproofing system is applied to ensure that your shower never leaks!

XPS Shower Tray Highlights

  • Lightweight
  • Pre-graded to waste outlet
  • May be trimmed or extended
  • Easy installation
  • Available in various sizes and drainage offsets

Solid Stone Shower Underlay

Marmox Stone Shower Tray Underlays are made of polymer (acrylic) modified concrete which like their XPS counterparts are pre-graded to the waste outlet. The Solid Stone Underlay is classified as self-supporting and may be placed directly onto floor joists (with appropriate spacing) or onto structural flooring.

Solid Stone Shower Tray Highlights

  • Self Supporting
  • Pre-graded to waste outlet
  • May be trimmed
  • Easy installation
  • Available in various sizes and drainage offsets

General Sizes For Marmox Shower Underlay

Sloping & Extension Boards

Marmox Sloping Boards are an ideal, lightweight solution for balconies which require drainage in a single direction and for extending a Marmox XPS Shower Tray beyond their regular size.

The sloping board may be combined with Marmox Boards to extend the slope as much as is required. If a shower has linear drainage against a wall, this sloping board also functions as an underlay.

Sloping Board Highlights

  • Lightweight
  • One-way sloping boards
  • Indefinite slope extension
  • Can be used for XPS shower tray extension