Marmox Australia


Wet Areas (internal & external)

The Marmox board can used for balcony, showering areas, external wall lining with rander and internal wet related areas. It is very popular choice for builder want to finish the job in few simple steps with quality and guarantee result.

Sound Reduction & Thermal Insulation

Marmox board can be use as wall lining to provide extra acoustic reduction, If you are living in an apartment, you can use it for tile underlay to reduce impact noise as acoustic barrier for downstairs. If you are living on a cold mountain area, it can be used for flooring heating insulation underlay.

Balconies and Terraces

Slop board is ideal for balconies or terraces with fast and easy construction. It is graded to one direction for rain water draining.

Counter Tops (Kitchen Bathroom & Tables)

We have come across for special request for kitchen bench top underlay. It is commonly used for tiles benchtop underlay or Concrete formed backing board. The Marmox board basically is a waterproofed material which against any water to protect kitchen cabinet.

Feature/Slice Stone Wall

Slice stone is a feature stone in square/mosaic panel, it is very simple to install which similar to putting tiles on the wall. However, it is much faster and simple with waterproof membrane at the back. It requires no grout or less grout for finish work. It require tile adhesive to stick on the panel or wall. It also comes with many different design or pattern.