Marmox Australia

Marmox Boards

Marmox Boards are made from CFC and XPS extruded polystyrene foam bonded with layers of fibreglass reinforced polymer cement. The surface of reinforced polymer concrete is perfect for tile adhesion, waterproofing or plastering. Marmox Boards are difficult to bend, bow or distort compared to plasterboard. 

Marmox Boards are perfect for use in all wet areas as both floor sheeting and wall sheeting as they will not absorb water and provide great thermal insulation.

The characteristic strength and lightweight properties makes Marmox Boards very favourable for use in the construction of bathrooms, kitchens & balconies. 

The lightweight characteristics of Marmox Boards reduces the requirement for heavy lifting whilst speeding up the construction process.


  • 6mm x 1250mm x 600mm
  • 10mm x 1250mm x 600mm
  • 20mm x 1250mm x 600mm
  • 40mm x 1250mm x 600m


  • High compressive strength (withstand 30 t/m2)
  • Rigid
  • Waterproofed material
  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Sound insulation (20 decibels)
  • High U-value (2.7 W/m2k for 10mm)
  • Extruded polystyrene closed cell structure retains R-value even in moist conditions
  • Easy to cut with a knife or saw.
  • Light weight can be carried by one person ,10mm board is 3kg/m2
  • Marmox is environmentally friendly, CFC and HCFC free