Marmox Australia

Wet Areas (Internal & External)

Marmox products may be used for many internal and external wet area applications.  Marmox products are a popular choice for builders who want a high quality with guaranteed results.

Once installed, all Marmox products are ready for waterproofing, tiling and/or plastering.

Bathrooms & Showers

Marmox boardsMarmox Shower Trays are perfect for use in most bathroom areas.  Marmox boards provide an easy, flexible, light-weight, insulated alternatives to traditional floor/wall sheeting systems such as cement sheet or villaboard.  Marmox Shower Trays are a fantastic, light-weight under-tile alternative to traditional screeds. 

Undertaking wet room design normally requires a variety of specialist techniques and years of experience. The shower area of a tiled wet room is made using a Marmox Shower Tray which provides a perfect grade to the shower outlet. The surrounding floor in the bathroom is normally flat and may then be lined with Marmox boards prior to waterproofing and tiling. Marmox Boards also provide a decoupling layer which will absorb minor expansions and contractions in the sub-floor thereby reducing the likelihood of the grout and tiles moving or cracking.

Balconies & Decks

On balconies and decks, Marmox has a variety of boards in both flat and sloped profiles to allow for a lightweight alternative to traditional screeding methods.  Once installed, waterproofing may take place over the top of the boards to ensure your external wet area stays water tight.