Marmox Australia

Thermal Insulation


Marmox Boards are high performing thermal insulation boards and may be used in place of plasterboard or laminated thermal plasterboard on walls, floors and ceilings.  In combination with underfloor heating, Marmox Boards will improve performance and reduce heat loss. 

Marmox Boards provide insulation to solid masonry walls where insulation on the outside of the building is impractical or would affect the look of the building.  Marmox Boards are recommended by electric underfloor heating manufacturers, and will reflect the heat upwards reducing heat loss.  Marmox Boards act as insulation between timber frame studwork and as external insulation for masonry walls.

Marmox Board is a CE marked insulation board with Multiple benefits over insulated plasterboard:

  • Thinner (using a 10mm board – no need to remove skirtings or alter door frames and windows)
  • Simpler to fit and no need to prime, lightweight and yet incredibly strong
  • Waterproof and maintains performance even in damp conditions
  • Marmox Board is able to significantly reduce heat loss through walls, floors and ceilings