Marmox Australia


Marmox Washers

Marmox washers are made from a zinc-coated metal and come in bags of 20 washers. The diameter of the hole is 6mm which works with 6G screws. When screw fixing Marmox Boards it is essential to use washers with appropriate corrosion resistant screws.

Marmox Reinforcing Tape

Self Adhesive, glass fibre mesh skrim tape. This tape helps prevent any movement and should be used to cover all the joints where Marmox boards meet. Available in 20m or 90m rolls. Note: Allow 2m of tape per standard size Marmox board and 4m per long Marmox board.

Marmox Waterproof Tape

Use this self-adhesive butyl product to create a permanent waterproof seal around all shower formers where it meets the adjoining floor, the wall and the internal corners. It can also be used around bath panels for additional waterproofing.

Marmox Adhesives & Sealants

Coming soon.

Marmox Fixing Brackets

There are three different brackets available: Wall Brackets, Joint Brackets & Perpendicular Brackets.