Shower Stone Base

The easiest wetroom shower tray system around.

Marmox Shower Tray System with Shower Stone Base

The new Shower Tray System from Marmox is set to revolutionise bathroom design and build for specifiers and contractors, providing a low cost, easily installed and completely waterproof solution for wet room construction.

The solid shower stone tray is made of polymer (acrylic) modified concrete.  It does not need to be fully supported by a structured floor.  This is the  main advantage of the solid shower stone as it can be fixed directly to the floor joist.  It can be finished either by tiles, mosaics, or vinyl.


Description Centre Offset Trough
Shower Underlay 900mm x 900mm X

Shower Underlay 1000mm x 1000mm X X X
Shower Underlay 900mm x 1200mm X
Shower Underlay 1000mm x 1200mm X

Shower Underlay 1200mm x 1200mm X X
Shower Underlay 1000mm x 1500mm X X X
Shower Underlay 900mm x 1850mm
Shower Underlay 1000mm x 2000mm X X X

*Coming soon to Marmox Australia



Shower Tray System Shower Tray System (866 KB)

shower tray system advantages

  • Self supporting
  • Pre-formed slope to drain
  • Easy access, floor level (ideal for elderly or disabled)
  • Can be finished with tiles to match decor
  • Can be cut to fit on site
  • Use to create wetroom or enclosed shower area
  • Lightweight to handle
  • Can be fixed to timber or concrete floors
  • Available with offset or central drain

NOTE: The shower stone solid base is perfect in cases where the base cannot be fully supported for example accross floor joist.

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