Shower Tray System

Which shower tray model is right for you're job?

Extruded Polystyrene Base

(Must be Fully Supported)

Shower Stone Base
(Self Supporting)

2x Revolutionary Designs, but which Model is Right for you?

The revolutionary Marmox shower tray system comes in two models each providing a low cost, easily installed and completely waterproof alternative for shower construction.

IMPORTANT: There is one major difference between the two options, the Extruded Polystyrene model is perfect where the floor fully supports across the entire base. While the Shower Stone model is designed to be self supporting so you can use it across floor joist for example or in other cases where the base can't be fully supported.

We have designed these two models into our shower tray system so that your needs are met no matter the job and you're able to get your job done faster, more easily and to a higher standard then before. 

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