Underfloor Insulation

Make the most of your underfloor heating
with Marmox

Marmox boards thermal insulation properties make them the ideal solution to compliment underfloor heating systems. About 50% of heat created by underfloor heaters is absorbed by the concrete slab with standard underfloor heating. This all changes when Marmox boards are used in combination with your underfloor heating. 

Rather then loosing all that heat created by the heating element into the concrete slab, most of it is reflected upwards in the tiles reducing energy consumption and keeping you warmer longer.

Standard Underfloor Heating

Standard Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating with Marmox Board Installed

Marmox Insulation

Fixing to concrete floors

Fixing timber floors

The concrete surface must be clean before applying the board. Timber floors must be rigid, checked for flatness.
New concrete slab should be cured before fixing Marmox insulation boards. The floor must be dry. Apply suitable tile adhesive layer with notched trowel. Boards then laid in a staggered pattern, fully bedded to ensure no voids remain under the boards.
Apply a bed of flexible adhesive to the concrete slab with a notched trowel, boards then to be thoroughly bedded in a staggered pattern, ensuring that no voids remain beneath them. When the adhesive dries apply fibreglass tape to the joints.
When the tile adhesive dry, tape all the joints with the fibreglass tape, then install the heating element, and tile with flexible tile adhesive. Secure the boards with screws and washers. Use 15 screws per board with min. 30 mm from the edge. Then install the heating element and tile using flexible tile adhesive.
Movement joints must not be bridged by the Marmox construction board.

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