Corner Baths/Spas

Corner bath is usually hard to finish around, specially if it is a spa, as pipes and access panel always cause problems. Finishing around the bath with Marmox insulation boards cut the time down considerably and the finished surface is perfect  for tiling.


  • Using WB brackets to connect 30mm boards to the wall and the floor same as the rectangular bath.
  • Cut 2 strips of the 30mm boards to the height of the step required minus 50 mm.
  • Fix one strip to the board using cement based adhesive.
  • Fix the other strip at a distance equal to the width of the step, using WB brackets to the floor
  • Using 50mm boards, cut stiffeners and insert it between the 30mm boards.
  • Cut a piece of 50mm boards to suit the step profile, and using silicone fix it to the boards.
  • All the joints to be taped and finished with flexible tile adhesive in the usual manner.

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