Save time and money

If you're a builder by trade you probably understand the concept. To get the best results in building and construction, each part of a project needs to be paid the right amount of attention.

To give a project the right amount of attention takes time and we understand that time is money. That's why we work to produce innovative products which make the wet area construction process quicker and easier then ever before.

Time saving properties:
  • Extremely strong
  • Light weight
  • Easily cut with a stanley knife
  • Versatile enough for any wet area construction
  • Water proof
  • Heat insulation
  • Sound insulation

Reach higher standards

Each part needs to be built just right to lay the foundation for the next.

This is why we have created a range of high performance products to help you to lay the right foundations for your wet area construction and help you reach the high quality finish your customers expect.

Reach higher standards quickly and easily with our high performance products:

So what's underneath then?

For success in building and construction it's what's underneath that counts.

Marmox construction boards are made of high performance, waterproof extruded polystyrene, faced with fibreglass mesh embedded into a cement polymer mortar on each side, which add extra strength and rigidity to the board. Marmox construction boards provide quick, cost effective solutions to many problems in the building industry.

Marmox construction boards provide thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and of course are waterproof boards. Thanks to these combined innovative properties Marmox construction boards are versatile enough to use in any wet area application and more.

See what's underneath and discover how our products can help you build: