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Marmox Australia is an Australian Company which form a part of the Marmox Group of Companies. We are the national distributors of Marmox products in Australia and specialise in high quality, cost effective and easy to use products.

What are Marmox Construction Boards?

Marmox construction boards are waterproof, provide thermal insulation, and even have acoustic insulating properties.  These innovative construction boards are versatile enough to use in any wet area application.  From constructing spa bath frames and vanities to underfloor heating insulation.

It's what's underneath that counts.

If you're a builder by trade you probably understand the concept. To get the best results in building and construction, each part of a project needs to be paid the right amount of attention.

Each part needs to be built just right to lay the foundation for the next. 

For success in building and construction it's what's underneath that counts.

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